9IDMRCS / 9th International Discussion Meeting on Relaxations in Complex Systems

August 12th (Sat.) 〜 August 18 (Fri.), 2023
Makuhari Messe, Chiba, Japan


Exclusive Tour Program for IDMRCS Participants

Special tours are prepared for IDMRCS delegates! Check out the details and join the FUN!
Going out the venue and exploring the area is one of the best ways to fully appreciate the charms of Chiba, and understand the Japanese culture deeper. Take a look at some of the options below to fully enjoy your Japan experience.
Find your favorite tour and reserve spot by clicking the button below. The application deadline is July 31, 2023.

Official Excursion Options

All 3 programs are available to participants and their accompanying guests. The tours are scheduled for August 16, 2023.
Join, and make your Japan experienve most wonderful!

Tour Option 1: Tokyo and Yakatabune cruise

Date 16-Aug
Time 13:30-22:00
Fee 20,000JPY
Tour details Enjoy the fantastic view of Tokyo from the observatory of the tallest tower in Japan, the Tokyo Sky Tree. Also, visit Japan's iconic Sensoji Temple and enjoy shopping for Japanese souvenirs at different shops nearby. After sight-seeing and buying souvenirs, get on board Yakatabune and enjoy Japanese dinner while enjoying the night view of Tokyo from the sea.
Remarks Food and beverages at cruise included
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Tour Option 2: Experience Sawara Tour –An old-Edo merchant town tour and Sake Brewery-

Date 16-Aug
Time 13:15-17:30
Fee 6,800JPY
Tour details Sawara is an old merchant town in the Edo period. Take a walk around the town and visit old buildings, historical bridges, and shops such as sake breweries, craft shops, and restaurants. Canal boat rides and other hands-on experiences are also available.
Remarks Food not included
Sake free tasting at Sake brewery included
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Tour Option 3: Mt. Nokogiri Hiking and Great Buddha Tour

Date 16-Aug
Time 13:00-18:00
Fee 8,200 JPY
Tour details Feel the fullness of nature at Mt. Nokogiri. Take a ropeway ride to the entrance of Nihonji, where the 2-hour hike starts. This will take you to the summit where popular "jikoku nozoki" On a clear day, you can also enjoy the view of Mt. Fuji and Tokyo Bay. Sitting on the foot of the mountain is the biggest sitting Buddha in Japan. This is one of the recommended places to go if you are up for adventure and new discoveries.
Remarks No food included
Please bring comfortable shoes to hike
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Hands-on Experience Program

We have two special hands-on program for IDMRCS members and accompanying people.

Tea ceremony and Japanese sweets making

Date 14-Aug
Time 9:00/10:00
Fee 3,000JPY
Tour details Tea ceremony and Japanese confectionary making at the beautiful Japanese garden, Mihama-en. The garden is only 5 minutes walk from the venue. You can also enjoy a walk in the garden after the tea ceremony.
Remarks Health precaution!
Red bean paste and maccha are used. Take note of your allergy restrictions.
Please bring white socks to enter the Japanese tatami.
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Ukiyo-e workshop and Sushi performance

Date 15-Aug
Time 9:20-15:40
Fee 1,000JPY Special price The tour is available at a reduced price due to the Tourism Agency's monitoring tour. You won't get a better deal anywhere else! 
Tour details This tour will visit the Chiba City Museum of Art and Chiba Castle (Chiba City Folk Museum). At the museum, there is a special lecture by the museum director and a viewing of Ukiyo-e art work. A sushi-making performance by the sushi chef and a chance to try local cuisine and sake are available at the museum's restaurant. There will also be a print-making workshop and much more.
Remarks Lunch included
This tour is a 'Monitor Tour' provided by the Japan Tourism Agency.
Please take note of the following before applying:
  • - Requires filling out of the tour questionnaire and SNS upload
  • - Posting of tour images on the website, etc.
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Custom-made Tour

Date Negotiate
Time and Fee Depend on request
Details This is a custom-made tour. Let us know the destination of our choice, and then we will inform you of its availability via email. On the day, you will meet with a tour volunteer who will accompany you throughout the program. We require a token gift of Y3,000 for your guide volunteer, payable on the day, plus the actual transportation fee of your volunteer guide. Send us your content request, and we'll notify you of its availability.
Contents example: Shopping, dinner at Izakaya restaurant, specific Tokyo location trip, etc. Language volunteer guide can be arranged. It's tailor-made! Enjoy Tokyo Walk with local volunteers.
How to Reserve Please specify your email address (1) Desired date and time, (2) Number of people (3) Your desired plan and send to: tour@9idmrcs.jp

City Guide


Shopping and Restaurant

Restaurant: https://www.chibacity-ta.or.jp/spots?area=city-area&area=seaside-area&spot_category=watch
Shopping: https://omotenashi-chiba.net/search/