9IDMRCS / 9th International Discussion Meeting on Relaxations in Complex Systems

August 12th (Sat.) 〜 August 18 (Fri.), 2023
Makuhari Messe, Chiba, Japan

Symposia & their registration code

The 9th IDMRCS sessions are organized given below.

9th IDMRCS - Symposia
Category No. Symposia Registration
2Dynamic Heterogeneity & Glass TransitionG-DH
3Theory & Simulations of Glasses & Glass TransitionG-TS
4Ultrastable GlassesG-UG
5Thermal Properties & Glass TransitionG-TP
6Network & Inorganic GlassesG-NI
7Electron GlassesG-EG
8Spin Glasses & Disordered MagnetsG-SM
9Photonic Disordered MaterialsG-DM
10Dynamics of High Entropy Glass-forming AlloysG-EA
11Dynamics of Metallic Super-cooled LiquidsG-ML
12Interrelation between T & V in Dynamics of Liquids & PolymersG-TV
13Local Order in Liquids & GlassesG-LO
LIQUIDS14Water & Ice AnomalyL-WI
15Water, Alcohols & Hydrogen Bonded SystemsL-HB
16Ionic Liquids, Ionic Polymers & Ionic Plastic CrystalsL-IL
POLYMERS17Polymer Dynamics, Viscoelasticity & RheologyP-PD
18Polymer Nanocomposites & MOFP-PN
19Polymer Gels & NetworksP-GN
21Granular Materials & JammingCJA-GJ
22Active MatterCJA-AM
BIOMATTER23Amorphous PharmaceuticalsB-AP
24Glassy Phenomena in FoodsB-GF
25Dynamics of Biomolecular SystemsB-BS
26Glass Transition in BiomatterB-GT
27Collective Behavior in Biological TissueB-BT
LOW DIMENSIONS28Confinement & Thin FilmsLD-CF
29Surfactant/Membrane SystemsLD-SM
TRANSPORT30Ion Conduction in GlassesTR-IC
31Relaxations & Diffusion in Metallic GlassesTR-MG
32Anomalous Diffusion in Disordered SystemsTR-DS
33Energy Strage & ConversionTR-EC
RELAXATIONS34Linear & Nonlinear Dielectric DynamicsR-DD
35Fast & Slow β RelaxationsR-BR
35bPhysical AgingR-PA
CRYSTAL vs GLASSES36Crystallization vs. VitrificationCG-CV
37Liquid/Plastic CrystalsCG-LP
TECHNIQUES38Advanced Light & Neutron ScatteringTQ-LN
39Information Science & Machine LearningTQ-IM
40High Pressure StudiesTQ-HP